Anxiety * Stress * Worry
Triggers * Fear * Procrastination
Unhealthy Habits * Resistance



Your New Paradigm
Learn the secret to changing your patterns!



Happy * Hopeful * Fulfilled
Peaceful * Relaxed * Healthy
At Ease * Calm


Design Your Paradigm was created because I’m excited about sharing my recovery from stress & anxiety through EFT/NLP!

I’ve used these techniques and  process along with personalized meditation techniques, NLP and various other proven modalities both self taught and studied to help transform my own thinking and design a process that is easy to learn and use on an individual level.

I’ve studied this technique with the masters! And after hundreds of hours of practice, certification and practical application I’ve been able to use it for myself and clients to achieve results that seemed otherwise out of reach.

Design Your Paradigm gives me a way to share these techniques & processes in an easy to use, easy to implement way

You will learn to relieve stress and anxiety with an easy to use process that you can implement anytime & anywhere! I look forward to our journey in helping you to Design Your Paradigm!

EFT Tapping Technique Demonstration

Courtesy of Megan Shufelt

Tapping Points
(follow along)

Between the Eyes

Beside the Eyes

Under the Eyes

Under the Collar Bone




You will eliminate procrastination!

Heal your body image, reboot your relationships!

Gain clarity & motivation!

Weight Loss, clear abundance blocks, heal family relationships.

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Corporate Wellness

Team building, custom project courses, and group wellness events!

Increase collaboration!

Empower your team!

Improve your employees’ well-being and productivity!

Review & reveal your corporate paradigm!

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Do I Need DYP?

How do I figure out what to do next?

You’re in a place where you’re not exactly how to proceed with something whether its family, work or personal relationships.
You’re feeling stressed out, anxious and tired of trying to fix your life with “memes” and endless self help books!

How Do I Change Direction?

Repeating negative  thoughts, patterns &  often thinking  that you aren’t good enough?  Do you feel like you don’t really know who you are or that you don’t own your identity? Cant remember what your your passions and purposes are?

These are all results of limiting beliefs! Design Your Paradigm gets to the bottom of your resistance and clears it away using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) NLP (Neuro Linguistic Process’s) and custom tapping sessions to give you control of the life you desire!

How do I find the right partner, land the right job, go back to school, make more money, exercise more…etc?

Are you unsatisfied in your family and personal relationship? Do you seem to keep finding the same type of unsatisfying relationship over and over?  Do you feel like you don’t deserve a “forever” partner? Is work “hard” does upgrading your skill set & making more money seem impossible? Does enjoying exercise sound crazy?

Design Your paradigm works with clients to achieve these goals and more!

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Having a Tapping Coach saves you time!

Acupressure Tapping Techniques Create Immediate Changes!

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